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Unknown Book 10859859  by  Scott Roche

Unknown Book 10859859 by Scott Roche
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This anthology is a collection of four horror stories that in some way always defy your expectations. Scott presents vivid characters that are instantly interesting, allowing is to have a vested interest in their welfare as the tale unfolds.Scott merges the context of faith into his horror in a way that is unique and non-threatening. The priest in Fetch may or may not have what he needs to save himself and a friend from the evil that would claim their souls.

Can the nun in Power In The Blood survive her encounter with a burgeoning horror through the power of God?Scott also does an excellent job taking his stories in unexpected directions that can be quite chilling. In The Good Samaritan a pair of women learn that the best way to provide roadside aid can sometimes be by delivering a good old-fashioned ass-whippin.

And The Good Doctor learns that making a living on the edge of the supernatural holds more danger than he counted upon.All in all Through A Glass, Darkly is an an enjoyable read that will resonate in your mind long after the book is done.

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