O Mistério da Exposição Sabotada (Patrícia #37) Kathryn Kenny


Published: 1989



O Mistério da Exposição Sabotada (Patrícia #37)  by  Kathryn Kenny

O Mistério da Exposição Sabotada (Patrícia #37) by Kathryn Kenny
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a HUGE and most dedicated fan of Trixie and her crew. This is odd, of course, because they were MEANT for teen and pre-teen girls, but I was a young boy that read everything he could get his hands on and when I first stumbled on my first TRIXIE BELDON book I was instantly hooked!I immediately sat about reading them all, as quickly as I could get my greedy little paws on them. Trixie is the star, or lead character, followed by Jim and Honey (who quickly became the love of my young life, I had a total crush on a fictional character that only existed in ink) and this brave trio was constantly getting into trouble, solving mysteries and murders- that sort of thing.It falls along the line of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and other similar series, but the Trixie series carries more of the teenage angst and a subtle love triangle of conflicted who likes whom mystery that battles back and forth throughout the series.

All of the while though, the same cheerful, effervescent and energetic positive attitude and domineering never quit/never let them see you down philosophy is the major subtext all through the books.It is simply impossible to read these and NOT feel good about yourself and about LIFE, to have a sense of all is well in the world and a cheerful demeanor just naturally permeate your soul. I know, it SOUNDS crazy, but it is true.I lost all of my Trixie books years ago, lending them to friends and that sort of thing.

Since then, I have been on a quest to rebuild my collection of hardbacks. I find most of them at Friends of the Library Sales and things like that, but I am ever watchful at garage sales and places, for I do not have even a third of them built back

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